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To the guiding stars in our lives

This May, By Invite Only shines a light on the greatest love story of all: the bond between mother and daughter. Meet our ambassadors and the women who illuminate their world.

Susan and Shanice

We often hold mothers to high regard. They know everything, they do everything—they're mum!

But as we age alongside these indestructible women, we start to see life from their eyes. Maturing is learning that no mum is perfect. And that makes mum, mum.

There's something beautiful about mothers embracing vulnerability. When we honour the women in our lives, we also celebrate every facet of them.

"Everything happened for a reason. I do believe that."

- Susan, mother

For most, divorce is a hard subject to broach. What is usually considered a family crisis actually strengthened Susan and Shanice's mother-daughter relationship. This ordeal took an emotional toll on Susan, but this mum's unwavering spirit and unconditional love for her children shone bright even on her darkest days.

"Parents' love never fades and this was what really got me through this tough time."

- Shanice, daughter

Alice and Avalynn

"Family first" is a well-known mantra observed by mums everywhere.

Mothers often forget that they are worthy of self-care and self-love too. Their relentless devotion is often celebrated, but also taken for granted.

If motherhood is a journey of a lifetime, then we're right here with you, mum.

"I'm happy to see you grow up and get married."

- Alice, mother

Mothers love their children and family unconditionally. But what about themselves? The art of loving oneself is a concept Avalynn had to learn to live by as she entered motherhood. When you're well taken care of, you are empowered to take care of the ones you love.

"My advice now is to make time for yourself."

- Avalynn, daughter

We celebrate you, the maternal figures whose love and wisdom shine so brightly. Thank you for all that you've done, and continue to do.

🤍 By Invite Only