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By Invite Only x Meadow Rabbit

Meadow Rabbit is a storyteller, practising potter, and long-time customer-turned-friend of By Invite Only. Through fictitious stories about magic, romance, and darkness, Rabbit’s first published book touches on the ideas of self-discovery and healing. Of soothing words and soft illustrations, Lily of the Valley has become a comfort to many. 

What is Meadow Rabbit?

Rabbit is my spiritual animal, a whimsical creature of nature brimming with curiosity and an air of nonchalance. I imagined a place for a creature like this to be an undisturbed land covered with blooming wildflowers, accompanied by a sparkling stream nearby – hence, the name Meadow Rabbit.

Why did you create Meadow Rabbit?

After a decade working in the advertising and creative industry, it began to dawn on me that the works I’d been creating would never truly be mine. I wanted something that I could call my own, something that I am passionate about, and something that would last.

I left the industry during COVID, and the sudden silence was overwhelming. Everything slowed down; I was no longer tied to a hectic schedule filled with pitches, meetings, and deadlines, and for once, there was time to ponder.

Exactly two years ago in the later half of June, I created Meadow Rabbit. 

A few months after the Instagram account was introduced to the public, I was awed and humbled by the private messages that came streaming into my DMs. Lily of the Valley was well-received, people found significance in my narratives and the take on anxiety, and they could resonate with the subtle ideas of being lost and found all over again.

The support and encouragement I’d received inspired a new direction in me. Armed with knowledge that there are people out there subconsciously reaching for help, I hope to wield my words and illustrations into raising awareness over mental health. Meadow Rabbit is a voice that says: it’s okay to feel what you are feeling, and it’s okay to seek help. 


How did you get into pottery?

Pottery sparked my interest when I found myself collecting ceramic mugs from various independent potters. To be able to visualise and create artistic ceramic arts from blobs of clay requires more than just patience and skill, it takes passion and determination too. Unlike designing on a computer or painting on a canvas, a good piece of pottery requires elements from the world: clay from the earth, water to soften the mass, air to dry the form, metals and minerals for the glazes, and fire to complete the creation. Every creation feels like a gift with surprises. Until the piece is out from the final firing, you will never know how they will turn out. Being able to hold this tangible gift in my hands gives me an indescribable feeling of contentment.   

Does your work as an illustrator and storyteller influence your work as a potter?

Being an illustrator and storyteller could imply only one thing – I overthink.

When I hold a piece fresh from trimming, I would envision the vessel in my palms to be carved in a certain design or covered in particular paints, as if it’s meant to be. But when it comes to pottery, you’ll never know what you’ll get out of the kiln, especially when it comes to colours. 

Different temperatures and conditions will result in different shades, and the colours you’d anticipated might not come to life.

So, I have learnt to embrace the once torturous unknown, and I reflect this learning in my everyday life. It’s not always rainbows and sunshines, but the occasional rain allows you to appreciate those sunny days a little more. 

With greater reason, I count myself fortunate to have the ability to create; to share my thoughts and stories through these mediums, first in two-dimensional and now in three-dimensional forms. 


How did you come across By Invite Only? 

After digging through my emails, I’ve found my very first encounter with By Invite Only dated June 2014. 

I chanced upon a large, raw clear quartz necklace in an indie shop inside a shophouse, back when By Invite Only functioned on a consignment basis. This necklace is still with me till date. 

Thereafter, I went to the brand’s online store to purchase more pieces. Serendipitously, I’d received an email informing me that their office (at the time) was located in the same building as mine, in the unit right under the very one I worked in.

It was a scene straight out of a cheesy novel and I absolutely adored it. 

Do you have a favourite from By Invite Only?

I love the Rose Gold Patrice Pearl Necklace. Pairing it with the Rose Gold Poppy Pearl Studs makes for a versatile look that goes with almost all outfits.

My current obsession is the Gold Traveller Amazonite Necklace, the bohemian-chic vibes really speak to me.

By Invite Only x Meadow Rabbit trinket dish with jewellery 

What inspired your work for By Invite Only?

Midsummer’s Eve by Lina and Adelia Beard, and of course, By Invite Only’s floral-inspired collection, Botany.

In celebration of summer, the By Invite Only team wanted to delight with a seasonal special and I was delighted to be working with a brand I so closely follow. 

The intricate designs etched onto each trinket dish are a reflection of a midsummer’s traditional poetic fortunes, translating balmy nights and dusty roads into good feeling and fellowship.   



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