Jewellery Trinket Dish
Jewellery Trinket Dish

Jewellery Trinket Dish

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Each trinket dish is lovingly handcrafted, made of professional clay. Everything about these dishes is unique; from the silhouette of a midsummer fern etched on the top, to the smooth touch of beige lining the sides – no one piece is the same. Fired twice, hand-painted with an olive green underglaze and coated with transparent overglaze, this is the perfect addition to your By Invite Only collection.

Leave it by your dresser to hold your everyday earrings and rings, or even your keys and some loose change!


  • Size: approx 8cm x 8cm (Please allow 1 - 2cm difference in size)

Please note that this item is 100% handcrafted. As it is handmade, there will be slight variations on the shape, size, thickness, and design on each Jewellery Trinket Dish.

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