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HAHA gotcha! 24 Karat? More like 24Karrot!

To everyone who managed to land on this page, Happy April Fool’s 2021! 

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably heard through our social networking sites or gotten your hands on our very exclusive limited edition Gold 24Karrot Necklace! 🥰🥕

Thank you for being a part of By Invite Only’s grand April Fool’s prank 2021 – we thought it to be quite apt, sending out twenty-four carrots as ruse of a new release!

Now, we don’t know if you’ll carrabout these cool carrot facts but here are some anyway!

  1. Carrots are mostly starch and fiber! They’re very low in fat and protein 👀
  2. Carrots are great sources of Vitamin A, K, some of the Bs, and potassium!
  3. Some baby carrots are actually pieces of larger carrots! 🥕

You might be wondering now, what do we do with these carrots? 

We’ve got you covered:



We sent these special crates out to a couple of media outlets as part of our huge 2021 prank and we’re excitedly awaiting to hear about their reactions!

To those who’ve received our limited edition PR kit, we hope these recipes will put your mind at ease as to what to do with the carrots! 🥕 As for the crate, acrylic pieces and box, please reuse them as you please. The rest of the packaging (coconut fibre and box) are all biodegradable and recyclable as well. 

From the family of farmers here at By Invite Only, happy April Fools’ and a happy early Easter to everyone! 💚🐰